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Created and Designed

by Miguel Vazquez

"My inspiration in creating Starletta is imbedded in a history which goes back hundreds of years...Now, after 423 hours and more than 50,000 crystals Starletta has been created!"


Starletta in depth

 I was fascinated by the Aztec and Maya and how they decorated their skulls using jade, obsidian and bone.  I then became intrigued by how the Huichol people of Mexico used seed beads in their decorative offerings to their gods.  Experimenting and using these materials then lead me to the use and application of the Swarovski crystals.  The first two skulls I decorated are shown below and the public seemed to really enjoy these creations.  The well known artist, Damien Hirst, also decorated a human skull in similar fashion, however, he was fortunate to be able to use diamonds as his material!  A grand idea then occurred to me.  Why not crystallize an entire skeleton?  After 423 hours and more than 50,000 crystals…Starletta has been created!  Indeed, Starletta stands in a class to herself!  Check out the video!

Alright, Mr. Hirst, I now challenge you to a diamond skeleton. 


From a young age, I was inexplicably drawn (pun intended) to the sciences. This eventually led to a career in family medicine.  In this career, I have been fortunate to share our human experience by being with families when I would deliver a baby, and, at the other end of the spectrum, offering some comfort during the inevitable time of passing.

 In between, there is the kaleidoscope of life!  Color, feeling, movement, dullness, sound, excitement, reflection . . . . I hope to capture a slice of this in a way that is pleasurable for you from an artistic and design perspective.  

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